STYLE FRANCA - Abbigliamento professionale

WOrld of style franca

Half century spent at workers disposal

Over forty years of experience in professional clothing production have made Style Franca the flagship of the city of Carpi and an important reference point in the national outline. Quality, seriousness and great flexibility are the assumptions of our firm.

This professionalism comes from a distant past in which, at the beginning of the sixties, Mrs Franca started this buisness. The entrepreneurial spirit has been now inherited by her son Daniele who, once assumed the reins of the firm, knowing the maternal experience and animated by a deep passion for the employment, had been clever to catch the changes and the demands of a growing market, gaining a competetitive position in this productive section.

Style Franca guarantees high qualitaty standars and a detailed and cared handicraft production, also due to the high-quality of the chosen fabric. The fields in which the carpisan firm works are numerous and diversified: from the restaurant to the food industry, from the hospital sector to the metal and mechanical or building industry. Men and women articles, well-finished and specific, for every sector in which uniforms are needed. Style Franca does not only offer garments but also a series of basic serivices – as the study and the creation of completely personalized models, based on everyone is needs - and a strict quality control in the production phase.

Turning to Style Franca means to trust a serious partner, qualified, kept up with the times, capable of replying promptly and appropriately to each of your demands. The models presented in this catalogue are the result of style and experience refined in almost half century spent at workers disposal.